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In order to improve the knowledge and skills acquired during education in graduate programs, it is necessary to open a Magister program of Civil Engineering, while maintaining control of whole knowledge of civil engineering program even though there is only an opportunity to choose one area of expertise.

Based on decree by the Director-General Of Education And Culture Of The Republic Of Indonesia No. 108/DIKTI/ Kep/1993, ITS has been allowed to carry out Master Program of civil engineering courses starts from the academic year 1993/1994. Actualy the course has been started since academic year 1992/1993 but still the system KPK (credit collection activity) with graduate civil engineering courses ITB.

The first program that was opened is the Master Program of Structural Engineering. After that in the academic year 1994/1995 opened two programs, Master Program of Geotechnical Engineering and Master Program Construction Project Management. Starting in 1995/1996 opened the Master Program of Remote Sensing, followed by the Master Program of Water Resources Management and Engineering in 1996/1997. Other areas of expertise is Transportation Management and Engineering that start opened in 1998/1999. Starting in 2001/2002 civil engineering departement carried out the Doctoral Program and Master Program of Asset Management in collaboration with KIMPRASWIL.

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