Master of Water Resource Management & Engineering

Master program of Water Resources Management and Engineering has been started in 1996 aimed at improving professional services to the research and development of science and develop professional skills specifically relating to the field of water resources management and Engineering field. The program is designed to prepare the students to be able to develop and update the technology and knowledge especially in water resource management and engineering by conducting research in accordance with standard rules of procedure to produce a result which proven and can be published and have an advanced knowledge regarding mathematics and applied statistics, system analysis, information systems, advanced hydrology, advanced hydraulics, integrated engineering and management of water resources, as well as understanding the environmental aspects related to water resources.

List of Courses

Semester I
RC14-2351    –    Applied Mathematics and Statistics for Hydro Sciences    –    4    credits
RC14-2352    –    Systems Analysis for Water Resources    –    2    credits
RC14-2353    –    Computer Programming and Information System    –    3    credits
RC14-2354    –    Hydrology    –    3    credits

Semester II
RC14-2328    –    Research Methodology    –    2    credits
RC14-2355    –    Data Driven and Computational Intelegence    –    3    credits
RC14-2356    –    Pipeline and River Hydraulics   –    3    credits
RC14-2357    –    Water Resources Engineering    –    4    credits

Semester III
RC14-2358    –    Integrated Water Resources Management    –    4    credits
–    Elective Courses    –    2    credits

Semester IV
RC14-2501    –    Thesis    –    6    credits

List of Elective Courses
RC14-2434    –    Environmental Aspect  on Water Resources Management    –    2    credits
RC14-2435    –    Fluid Dynamic Computation    –    2    credits
RC14-2436    –    Urban Drainage    –    2    credits

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