Master of Transportation Management & Engineering

Master program of Transportation management and Engineering is design to provide knowledge include the technical knowledge in the field of engineering and transport management and important things related to the evaluation of the needs of transport facilities, integrated planning, design, maintenance and operation of the facility. The program is designed to prepare the students to be able to design advanced transportation system, network, and infrastructures, to develop and update the technology and knowledge especially in transportation management and engineering by conducting research in accordance with standard rules of procedure to produce a result which proven and can be published and Have an advance knowledge regarding transportation engineering and modeling, traffic engineering and management, highway engineering, advanced design of transportation facilities (land, sea, and air) and the results of the latest research development and also can give a better alternative solution for field problems based on scientific studies.

List of Courses

Semester I

RC14-2361    –    Quantitative Methods for Transportation Engineering    –    3    credits

RC14-2362    –    Transportation System and Planning    –    3    credits

RC14-2363    –    Traffic Engineering and Management    –    3    credits

RC14-2364    –    Transportation Economic    –    3    credits

Semester II

RC14-2328    –    Research Methods    –    2    credits

RC14-2365    –    Highway and Pavement Engineering    –    3    credits

RC14-2366    –    Transportation Modeling    –    3    credits

RC14-2367    –    Transportation and Intermoda Facilities    –    2    credits

Semester III

RC142-368    –    Environmental and Safety Impact for Land Transportation    –    2    credits

                    –    Elective Courses    –    6    credits

Semester IV

RC14-2501    –    Thesis    –    6    credits

List of Elective Courses

RC14-2437    –    Mass Transportation System    –    3    credits

RC14-2438    –    Advance Geometric Design    –    3    credits

RC14-2439    –    Road Maintenace Management    –    3    credits

RC14-2440    –    Port Managemet    –    3    credits

RC14-2441    –    Airport Management    –    3    credits

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