Master of Geotechnical Engineering

Master Program of Geotechnical Engineering is designed to fill the need for experts in educational institutions, research, administration as well as professionals in the industrial sector. This program is designed to prepare the students to be able to design the sustainable improvement for problematic soil (soft soil and peat soil) for civil engineering structures; able to make a soil investigation report, and able to resolve the soil problem in the field. The students are also to be able to develop and update geotechnical knowledge by conducting research in accordance with standard rules of procedure to produce result which proven and can be published and have an advanced knowledge regarding soil improvement method, the basic principles of engineering tunnels, dams soil and rock, advanced soil investigation, rheological soil, and soil problems (soft soil and peat soil), and understand the problems related to the movement of the ground.


List of Courses

Semester I
RC14-2321    –    Engineering Mathematics    –    2    credits
RC14-2322    –    Data Analysis and Reliability for Geotechnical     –    2    credits
RC14-2323    –    Advances Soil Testing and Its Interpretation      –    3    credits
RC14-2324    –    Rheological and Behavior of Microscopic Soil    –    3    credits

Semester II
RC14-2325    –    Foundation Engineering and Geotechnical Modeling    –    3    credits
RC14-2326    –    Soil Dynamics    –    3    credits
RC14-2327    –    Advanced Soil Mechanics    –    2    credits
RC14-2328    –    Research Methodology    –    2    credits

Semester III
RC14-2329    –    Peat Soil    –    2    credits
–    Elective Courses    –    8    credits

Semester IV
RC14-2501    –    Thesis    –    6    credits

List of Elective Courses
RC14-2424    –    Finite Element Method for Geotechnical   –    3    credits
RC14-2425    –    Dewatering and Excavation    –    3    credits
RC14-2426    –    Soil and Rock Dams    –    3    credits
RC14-2427    –    Rock Mechanics Application For Civil Engineering    –    2    credits
RC14-2428    –    Soil Improvement Methods    –    3    credits

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